The Freedom to Be Ridiculous


With the Fourth of July weekend coming up, I got to thinking about all of the things Americans have the freedom to do. Our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote, our freedom to rant and complain, our freedom to set off fireworks and our freedom to come up with some pretty strange gimmicks.

Like this useless gadget. Fidget spinners that are suppose to relieve anxiety, but I get increased anxiety trying to work the stupid thing.



Then there’s all of the kitchen gadgets people invented because knives are just too basic.

I mean seriously, how hard is it to cut a banana or hot dog?

Then there’s these drawer stuffers.



And of course, what is more American than putting bacon on everything? Don’t get me wrong, I like bacon as much as the next carnivore, but seriously…

…can we just keep it simple?


from Bon Appétit

mmmmmm…now that’s how I like my bacon!

But of course we can’t stuff ourselves with pork fat and not have consequences to our physique. So leave it to some imaginative American entrepreneurs to come up with these gimmicks.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 6.58.28 PM

NBC News

Yoga with goats. I have no words.


Now if you want something more sophisticated, there’s the workout at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 7.01.22 PM


And then there’s… I don’t know what this is, but it looks like an accident waiting to happen.



Again, can we just keep it simple?



We’re keeping our 4th of July simple by setting off fireworks in front of my mom’s house, and eating, well, hot dogs and bacon of course. However you choose to celebrate your freedom this year, stay safe, keep it simple and have fun!








Keeping it 100 for Father’s Day


After the highly publicized Mother’s Day festivities end, stores ramp it up for ‘Dads and Grads.’ Already dads are getting the short end of the remote with having to share their holiday with graduates, and the gifts are often, well, more frugal than what is spent on Mother’s Day. Which is how my husband got this game a few Father’s Days ago…

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 3.56.23 PM

When I picked up our daughter from preschool and took her to Target, she picked this game saying she wanted a game to play with dad. Happy Father’s Day!

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The Do’s and Donuts of a 5K Run


Do you run to stay fit? How about walking? How about running and walking while eating a donut? If feeding your lactic acid build up with sugar-coated fried dough is how you roll, then The Donut Run is for you.

My husband and I are not runners and have only walked/ran in one or two 5K races. So when he initiated interest in participating in an upcoming 5K, I was puzzled. The last bit of walking we did together was on a farm picking blueberries. Hardly the level of intensity required to finish a 5K. Once he told me donuts were involved, then it all made sense.

Yep, volunteers at The Great Donut Run pass out donut holes at the half way point of the run, then everyone gets a medal and a full size Krispy Kreme glazed donut after they finish the race. Bleh! Donuts make me nauseous, and the thought of eating one after an exhausting 3.1 miles of run/walking in 80 degree heat was not the proper incentive I needed to participate in this thing. But it was more than enough to encourage my husband’s will to walk/run in the heat. And for my daughter who’s on the cross country team at school, this was merely a practice run.

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Keeping it 100 for Mother’s Day


Do you know what mom really wants for Mother’s Day? Oh, flowers and a card are nice. A phone call is always appreciated. But let me tell you, after being a mother for over 15 years, it’s time to review what really works, and what does NOT!

  • Breakfast in bed: This only works if you can cook! If you don’t know how to make toast without burning it, forget it! Get into your car, and go someplace where people know how to cook. Then bring the food home and put it on a plate and act like you cooked it yourself. You’d be surprised how often moms will do this.
  • Flowers are pretty, but you know what is an even more beautiful sight? When the laundry is done and put away BY SOMEONE OTHER THAN MOM!
  • Bath products are great, but remember…if you give these products to mom than she needs time to use them. In other words, give her more than 3 minutes in the bathroom without an interruption. 30-35 minutes would be ideal.
  • Or you can always order some mommy juice from this company that got it right. 🙂Mommys Time Out Mothers Day Wine Bottle Labels Alt 3

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When the National Anthem is the best part of a baseball game


I’ve never been a fan of the slow pace of baseball. Which is why I haven’t been to a game since… uh, I don’t even remember. However, my husband will pretty much watch anything that involves a ball moving somewhere. At the last game we attended together, he sat there taking it all in while I was next to him reading a magazine. Yes, that really happened. And I have to say, I didn’t miss much.

So what possessed me to attend an Angels game last Saturday instead of staying home and washing my hair?


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Celebrating Family and Tradition


For some reason, I’m feeling extra sentimental this Easter/Passover season. My typical M.O. would be to post some goofy random story, like this rabbi saying marijuana is kosher for passover.  Oy! That ought to be some seder!

As for my family, my father identified as Jewish, while my mother was raised Baptist, so we didn’t participate in the religious aspects of either faith, remaining religiously ‘nuetral’. However, food was always front and center of combining my parents different upbringings. It would not be at all unusual in our house to have pastrami with pecan pie for dessert. Or pork chops with a side

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To Latin America, Chinatown and Back!


If you think it is impossible to travel by train to Latin America and Chinatown in one day, then you obviously don’t live in Southern California. Los Angeles has the historic Olvera Street right next to Chinatown, and it really does feel like traveling the world without a passport. And the silly thing is, for most of my life I’ve lived within an hour of both of these places, and never really explored them. Oh, I’ve been to Los Angeles many times, especially since I used to have family that lived there. But I haven’t been to Olvera Street since I was a kid on a school field trip for history class. So let me take this moment to educate you about the importance of not over looking what is all around you. The historical places, the silly tourist traps, the memories you can make just by getting out there and having a new experience.

Let’s start with busting some stereotypes. Many people think the history of Southern California looks something like this,


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Strawberry Farms Forever


Let me take you down, cause I’m going through a bit of childhood nostalgia.

In Southern California, one of the first signs of spring was when the strawberry stands would start popping up around our neighborhoods, selling the sweetest, juiciest strawberries you ever tasted! Well, as developers bought up that farm land, there were fewer and fewer stands around town. So it was a real treat to go visit Tanaka Farms for some strawberry picking, meaning we could choose our own strawberries and taste test them along the way!


The morning began with checking in, paying our $18 and receiving a plastic clam shell container to hold the berries. Then we boarded the tractor pulled wagons…

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Making History, Herstory


In 1987, the month of March became Women’s History Month to recognize the role of women in American History. A lot has been written about the women’s suffragette movement for equality, including the right to vote. (Really America, you had to wait until 1920 to make that a thing?!) I’m truly grateful for the sacrifices made by the women before me, but that’s not what this blog is about. No, we’re here to celebrate the fun contributions women made. And there’s plenty to celebrate!

Feel free to play Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Want To Have Fun in the background while you read this!


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Splish, Splash, Rainy Day Dash


I live in Southern California, so any little bit of rain becomes headline news. Along with the mocking headlines like this one, which of course came from NORTHERN California.

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 4.11.29 PM.png

Notice how I chose to be petty by not making a hyperlink to their site? For a more scientific approach to understanding how the recent wet weather has affected California’s drought conditions, I give you this link.

Say what you want, but this last storm was legit. Mud slides, flooded streets, freeway

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